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  Todd Smith Videos: Jason Garfield Show Highlights VHS:

You won't believe this kind of behavior is tolerated and actually compensated for on a weekly basis as you watch this digruntled juggler express his misanthropy for the human race in this 30 minute video of Jason Garfield's various performances. The old, fat, dumb, and olfactorilly challenged are targets for Garfield's onslaught of terror stricken from the stage of cruise ships and juggling conventions. Also on this video are highlights of Jason's hardest juggling accomplishments on stage such as five ball double pirouttes, 31 catches of 5 club backcrosses, and a 10 ball flash to name a few.

Price: $22.00

VHS Clearance Price - $11.00
 Jason Garfield Show Highlights VHS
 Price: $11.00
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