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  Todd Smith Basic Assassin Juggling Clubs:

The Basic Assassin. Same great Assassin club, made simple: colored bodies. Only $21.99 each! Order below.

Or click here to get the original, fully decorated Assassins.

Now Customizable! - Choose your own club body color, tape color, and either white or black knobs.

“Juggling Assassins for one minute made me want to switch. Compared to Delphins, Renegades, and PX3's, I'll take Assassins all the way. Great clubs, quality indeed.” - Matt Hall

“Stylish and svelte – the best club on the planet. I’ll never use my PX3’s again” - Jack Kalvan

“A great club for swinging, balancing, and juggling.They’re sleek, versatile, aerodynamic, fantastic.” Cindy Marvell (first woman to win an Int'l Jugglers Ass'n championship and founder of the Boulder Circus Center) Click here to see Cindy's video about Assassins juggling clubs.

“Instantly comfortable, great feedback. The Assassin is the next level of club. Right weight, nice flat base, and the handles have great give without being bendy.” - Michael Karas

Making Juggling cool, the Assassin is the quintessential numbers club. With sleek lines and deadly accuracy, the Assassin always hits the mark.

“Finally someone got it right. The Assassin is phenomenal. I love them.” - Barry Friedman

“The Assassin satisfies all of my juggling club needs - and then some. It looks great.” – David Deeble. Visit daviddeeble.com

No juggling club has ever been introduced to such instant rave reviews. The Assassin is poised to sweep the juggling world.

“The Assassin is very cool” – Ivan Pecel

“Even my drops feel more accurate with these clubs.” – Rick Rubenstein

Unlike wobbly bendable clubs, the Assassin has extra cushioning wrapped around a solid dowel, for a club that holds its shape but is still easy on the hands. Narrow extra long handles are easy to grip and launch, while round knobs and sleek lines make the Assassin a dream to throw and catch.

“The Assassin is sheer perfection.” – J. Peter Loftus at jpeterloftus.com

“They are great clubs for passing.” - Thomasl

“Finally a competitor to the PX3.” - David Ferman

“These clubs are to die for.” – Dan Holzman

Refined by Arthur Lewbel (author of The Science of Juggling) with jugglers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, The Assassin has every feature a numbers juggler could want. Its length and balance are designed to make your doubles, triples, backcrosses, and kickups fly with deadly accuracy, straight and true to your target.

Price: Normal retail is $33 per club. Online ordering price just $21.99

If you'd like to order several different colors of clubs, please use the order form below.

Bottom photo credit Jon Held (of the former juggling trio AirJazz), now p2photography.

“When it comes to passin’, you need the Assassin.” – The Passing Zone. Click here to see The Passing Zone video about Assassins juggling clubs, and don't forget to visit passingzone.com

“Beautiful. Todd Smith has a winner with the Assassin.” – Bob Nickerson

“Assassins; They’re killer.” - Fran Favorini

Want more? How about a built in shock absorbing disk for extra durability, and handle cushioning to absorb and remove the jarring vibrations that inferior clubs transfer to your hands. Plus a flat bottom for these perfectly balanced clubs to stand on.

“The Assassin is the next club I’ll buy. - Chris Lareau

“A perfect knob for balancing.A great club for anyone ready to move up to professional clubs.” – Jeff Daymont

“They juggle like no other club.” – Stefan Brancel

“Very cool for numbers.” - Andrew Ruiz

“The most perfect club in the world (when purple)” – Neil Fred Picciotto

“I like the elegant image and the aerodynamics.” – Erin Stephens


Total Length:...............20.75 inches = 52.7 centimeters

Handle length with knob:.. 9.25 inches = 23.5 centimeters

Weight :... 7.30 ounces = 207 grams

Maximum diameter:.......... 3.30 inches = 8.38 centimeters

 Basic Assassin Juggling Clubs
 Price: $21.99 per club
 Club Body Color:
 Tape Color:
 Knob/Base Color:

 Basic Assassin Juggling Club
Price: $21.99 per club
Club Body Color Tape Color Knob/Base Color Quantity
Club #1:
Club #2:
Club #3:
Club #4:
Club #5:
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